The Moment You Compete

There couldn’t be a more exhilarating experience for a dancer than to step out onto a gigantic floor, under a brilliant glow, wearing the most flowing dress… shoes feeling like a sturdy part of the feet, as though they are an extension of your body… a hush steals over the room as the MC announces the dance …and the music floods into the ballroom from everywhere, like a fantasy wind made of sound!

And if that’s too much fluff for you, you could take the more clinical explanation, which would reference such things as adrenaline, blood-pressure, cardiovascular circulation and the dizziness that comes from hot spotlights pointed at you from all directions.

Either way, you look good. ;D

It can be intimidating, in the beginning, to approach the idea of going to competitions. Many questions are brought up, and fears ignited. But there needn’t be any worry! Pro/Am Competition is among the most anticipated of all the dance events! And it should be:

  • Sparkling dresses everywhere…
  • Dashing suits as far as the eye can see…
  • Classy Dinners every night…
  • The best Hotels and service…
  • Relaxing and exotic locations…
  • A huge ballroom floor!
  • Staff performances!
  • Watching the Professionals compete!
  • A whole weekend with your teachers!
  • Traveling with your dance family!

What could be better? Ask anyone who has gone and they’ll tell you that the energy and excitement of an Arthur Murray Dance-O-Rama is absolutely unbeatable! The vendors alone are worth a day’s perusal, and the memories! What great memories…

Win or lose, everyone goes for their own reasons.

Maybe they want the titles, and compete with the trophies in mind.

Maybe it’s the feeling of being cheered on by such an enthusiastic audience.

Maybe we simply want to continue to make those memories, year after year.

Whatever it is, we come back, and we look forward to spending time with the friends we’ve made at studios from other states and countries. We build up one another as we deal with our own nerves and find ourselves laughing over the silly mistakes and high-fiving over the triumphs.

We cheer for each other. We hold out for the results to find out if our friends achieved their goals, and we realize something new about ourselves. Every time.

For many, it’s never been about the glitter or the fame. But about personal growth. Competitions are a unique opportunity to challenge oneself to break through new barriers and re-invent the dancer we were before into a fresh creature. A more confident more. A stronger one. Passing through round after round can transform us into faster adaptors, braver steppers and bigger performers, if we let it.

New heights we might never have pushed to can be achieved merely by the encouragement of another dancer in the on-deck area. Someone who has stood in your shoes and can smile and say the words you need to hear in order to lift your opinion of yourself and move better than you ever have before… There’s nothing like the feeling of realizing that everyone out on that floor isn’t actually trying to compete with you at all.

They’re actually pulling for you. In this Arthur Murray family, we’re all cheering for each other. We all want each other to win. And in a way, because of that fact…

…we all do.

So when you go out there, feel the exhilaration! Enjoy the excitement and let it push you to dance your heart out before the weekend is up. Grow more in a few days than in a few months at home! Make new friends, expand your Ballroom family… and come back year after year.

To do it all again.