It’s been A  Few Years since Arrowhead MOVED to a new location!

And what a Journey that was! For those of you who remember Mychael carting everything out of the old location himself, and telling everyone about the Huge new Ballroom they were soon to experience, you probably recall the frantic pace and odd hours at which he worked! And it was all worth every moment:

Our New Home Address: 16671 N 84th Ave #170, Peoria AZ 85382

On April 1st 2018 we were so proud to open our new doors, & gift our ballroom family with a nicely upgraded facility to practice in!

‘Proud’ isn’t enough of a word to describe how we feel about our students and their incredible learning path! Every new stride made by each of you becomes our greatest achievement and we continue to love every minute of our lessons with you!

We worked so hard on this moving project and have now been in our new location for a few years! The first moment we realized the time had come to seriously look for a new place was the 30th of January 2018. Soon after, we were told that we had 30 days.

Our peers told us it was impossible.

Fellow business owners, franchisees and friends all believed that it was too little time. Our Home Office told us it had never been done in that time frame! But our Arrowhead team stepped up and made Everything possible in those incredible weeks!

Now, we are overjoyed to have wide open doors for students all across the West Valley!

The new Dance Flex flooring was installed the last few days before officially opening on April 1st 2018. This is a top of the line new floating flooring material, boasting roughly 3,000sqft, so get ready to be able to find some elbow room during even the busiest group classes!

Once all was said and done, our studio has doubled in size, doubled in student body, and we are so far beyond proud & humbled to get to offer Ballroom Dancing to our new Peoria Community, and the greater West Side!

As most of you know, Mychael and Racheal painted the ballroom themselves – But, our very own Trouble Heinz was with us every step of the way, not only helping with painting and equipment, but running our computer system wires to ensure safe and secure Wifi for all! One of our students wrote such a wonderful poem (her interpretation of what that funny situation might have looked like if the Staff was in on it!) We promise: it was not nearly this interesting of a scene, but even still… Here’s to Amanda!

What's Different About Us?

  • All programs include group lessons, private lessons, and practice parties
  • Select programs include unlimited group lessons and practice parties
  • Over 100 years of teaching experience
  • We bring in the top teachers and champions to work with our students
  • Family oriented and comfortable atmosphere for you to enjoy
  • Recognized as the world leader in teaching beginner students to dance
  • Teachers are all certified to teach all partner dancing.
  • Teachers have won multiple awards for dance

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