Swing Dancing

Find Joy with Swing Dancing Classes in Peoria, AZ

All styles of dancing are fun, but swing dancing takes the fun to the next level. The upbeat tempos and carefree sounds of the instruments make the music contagious. It’s hard not to tap your toe or feel the urge to bust a move when you hear a classic swing number. Channel this energy into learning a new skill by taking swing dancing lessons at our Peoria, AZ, studio. At Arrowhead Arthur Murray, we can take your passion for the music and turn it into a new hobby. Both beginners and more experienced dancers can benefit from our instruction. You’ll start by learning the basic steps and grow your skills with each class, eventually adding in more intricate steps and perfecting your form. Contact us today to sign up as a couple or an individual.

Learn a Classic American Dance

No style of dance is as uniquely American as the swing dance. This form of dancing got its groove from the evolution of jazz music back in the 1920s and has evolved over the decades. People love the lively spirit and bounce of both the music and movements involved in swing dance. The steps can be danced over a variety of tempos and variations, giving every dancer the freedom to make the moves their own. You’ve likely seen the popular style of swing dance in films over the years, and it’s evident in every dancer’s face that the goal is to have fun. When you bring this attitude to class with you, there’s no doubt you’ll have a good time.

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Are you ready to dance your way to a good time? Then the swing dance is the only option for you! There’s no feeling gray when you hear the lively tunes and feel the quick beat of a swing number. You’ll be on the floor and enjoying yourself in no time. Contact Arrowhead Arthur Murray today to enroll in a class and learn the steps and movements of the swing dance.

What's Different About Us?

  • All programs include group lessons, private lessons, and practice parties
  • Select programs include unlimited group lessons and practice parties
  • Over 100 years of teaching experience
  • We bring in the top teachers and champions to work with our students
  • Family oriented and comfortable atmosphere for you to enjoy
  • Recognized as the world leader in teaching beginner students to dance
  • Teachers are all certified to teach all partner dancing.
  • Teachers have won multiple awards for dance

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