Salsa and Merengue Dancing

Learn Salsa and Merengue Dancing at Our Peoria, AZ Studio

Are you searching for a new hobby? Looking to rediscover your passion for dancing? Now is the time to take the first step and learn something new. Whether you’re a total beginner or you have some dancing experience under your belt, Arrowhead Arthur Murray can help you develop the technique and footwork of the beloved Latin dances, including the salsa and merengue at our Peoria, AZ dance studio. Both of these styles make the perfect party dance, whether you’re heading to the club or attending a private event. Our classes will teach you the basics but also hone your abilities as you develop more skills and confidence. You’ll love showing off your new moves! Sign up today as a couple or as an individual, and you’ll be dancing your way across the floor in no time.

Spice Things Up with the Salsa

Salsa dancing may just be the extra kick you need in your life. Discover your inner confidence with the spicy and quick style of the salsa. This dance blends the tradition of classic Latin music with rapid dance steps, turns, and elaborate arm patterns. The salsa is definitely all about putting on a show and having fun. This dance is the perfect one to learn for a night out on the crowded dance floor. The steps can be contained to a small area while still maintaining excitement and style.

Find the Beat with Merengue

Perfect for beginners, the merengue keeps things simple. The steps follow an easy pattern, making it a great party dance for everyone to enjoy. The simplicity of the merengue comes from the march style steps that follow the beat. This allows the dancer to easily keep time and interact with their partner without missing a step or getting off rhythm. The basic components of the dance are walking and side steps, which give the dancers the freedom to get creative, adding in more complex patterns and arm movements as their skills progress.

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Put on your dancing shoes and visit Arrowhead Arthur Murray to enroll in a class today. We know you’ll have fun, and you’ll learn a new skill, too! Who knows? You may even find a lifelong hobby! Both couples and individuals are welcome to enroll in our classes. Contact us today to get started.

What's Different About Us?

  • All programs include group lessons, private lessons, and practice parties
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  • Over 100 years of teaching experience
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  • Teachers are all certified to teach all partner dancing.
  • Teachers have won multiple awards for dance

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