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Dance is a creative outlet that many people overlook. While many individuals resort to writing, painting, or drawing to express themselves creatively, dancing can be just as therapeutic. And it’s so much fun! If you’re looking for a new way to add some creativity to your life, a ballroom dancing class at our Peoria, AZ studio might be the perfect solution for you. Though each dance has specific steps, there’s always room to make each movement your own, bringing your unique style to every turn across the floor. Not to mention, this is also an active way to be creative. You’ll be up and moving in every session, keeping you active without the monotony of going to the gym. Find your new hobby by enrolling in a class at Arrowhead Arthur Murray. Contact us today to find a class that works for you and start dancing your heart out.

We Teach All Styles of Ballroom Dance

There are many different styles of ballroom dance, so there’s sure to be one to suit your interest and style. Are you more of an elegant and classic individual, or do you want quick steps and fast-paced movement across the entire floor? There’s a ballroom dance for both of these individuals and everyone in between. While we teach all types of ballroom dance, some of our most popular classes include:

  • Waltz: Perhaps the most well-known of all the ballroom dances, the waltz is popular for its romantic melodies and sense of sophistication. Dancers move seamlessly together as they cover the span of the floor in beautiful sweeping motions.
  • Foxtrot: The foxtrot is all about ease and elegance. Though this doesn’t mean the steps require any less skill. The goal is to glide along effortlessly, blending the steps into one beautiful and fluid motion.
  • Tango: This beautiful dance is perfect for couples, capturing the romance between partners as they glide about the floor. This dance presents a unique challenge with its elegant movements accented by quick staccato steps.
  • Cha Cha: Show off your personality and skill with the sharp staccato steps and quick movements of the cha cha. You’ll learn the basics and grow your skills to more intricate patterns as you progress.
  • Rumba: Find the rhythm with a ballroom class on the rumba. Though the actions and steps are similar to the cha cha, the slower rhythm of the Rumba allows dancers to focus on developing perfect technical skills.

Start Dancing Today

Are you ready to try something new? Take a chance on a ballroom dancing class at Arrowhead Arthur Murray. Our instructors create a fun and supportive environment where dancers of all skill levels will feel comfortable. Even if you have no prior knowledge, we offer classes to teach you the basics and grow your skills from there. Contact us today to get started.

What's Different About Us?

  • All programs include group lessons, private lessons, and practice parties
  • Select programs include unlimited group lessons and practice parties
  • Over 100 years of teaching experience
  • We bring in the top teachers and champions to work with our students
  • Family oriented and comfortable atmosphere for you to enjoy
  • Recognized as the world leader in teaching beginner students to dance
  • Teachers are all certified to teach all partner dancing.
  • Teachers have won multiple awards for dance

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