• Say “see ya” to 2016…

    The end of a year isn’t always cause for celebration.

    Sometimes people look at their time spent and find that they worked too much, relaxed too little and spent almost no time pursuing the hobbies they love and dream about.

    Thankfully, here at Arrowhead studio, we won’t have much of those sentiments flying around!

    Here, we relax when we work, vacation while we play and laugh enough to fight off life’s stress. We push back against a year’s worth of tension with spinning, of all things!

    Where can you go that is anything like it?!

    Where fun is the point of everything, and enjoyment of life is the highest award we can achieve… Performance is applauded as a form of deep expression and sitting in the audience is as much an honor as being handed one’s own 1 st place medal!

    We make our years out of these things, here at Arrowhead. We challenge each other to be our truest selves, to give love freely and show every day that we’re here for one another! How could our year be anything but perfect…

    These things aren’t by accident, either. Everything about our Ballroom home is the way it is because of a shared vision of those who put it forth. From our Teachers to our Owner, and Managers alongside, we have the special privilege of fostering an environment that supports caring individuals to care for themselves, striving hearts to strive on, and hopeful friends to hope together.

    If your next year could be any better, we hope it’s better with us! Because without you to give us something to cheer for, we’d have nothing to create magic with anyway. So come and join us as we enter into a new year. Come be a part of our good cheer all year long, and celebrate yourself making another year more wonderful than the last.

    Let’s say “see ya” to 2016…

  • The Holiday Experience of Dance!

    Enough holiday seasons pass and sometimes you start to forget what makes them special.

    You see the messages everywhere, from the retailers, to the car commercials, the food indulgences, the big sales and the blow-out savings.


    Stuff to fill our houses, closets, storage units and vacuum-seal bags. Stuff to collect. Stuff to use. Stuff to trash in five years when we realize we’ve never used it.


    It’s such a heavy thought when considered.

    Stuff doesn’t bring us much lasting fulfillment, we know, but it is an easy distraction in the day-to-day buzz, at times.

    Still, one thing we can always count on to be fulfilling?


    Experiences like meeting for the first time.

    Experiences like seeing a place you’ve always wanted to.

    Even experiencing being who you want to be after so much hard work!

    Dancing is such an experience, such a joy to feel and to share and be connected by.

    It brings laughter, fun, excitement and fascination! It reaches beyond borders, beyond boundaries and jumps hurdles that few things can.

    The experiences had on a dance floor are written about in songs, stories, plays and even history books. They’re impact can be felt just watching the dancers float and skip and box-step along…

    What moments of grand beauty can one have under the lights of the Holiday season, singing songs we all know (even if few of us love), and can bond over, sharing treats and home-made gifts, heartfelt written cards and warm winter wishes!

    Such an enchanting few weeks that we remember for years and look back on with fondness. Everyone cold, but happy, freezing, but not wanting to leave. Sleepy, yet enjoying every silly moment…

    Experiences like friendship, and the bonds we can have, if we let ourselves.

    It may be true all year long, however, as the air turns frosty, it is a chance to re-examine our love of others and how we treat them. It’s a time to be understanding and accepting. To lend a hand. To help.

    To give. Not take. To be selfless. Not conceited.

    To dance as a means to share ourselves, and with no thought to a return. To drive, swing and sway as an expression of how much we care, and not for the self-gratification in it.

    Winter is special because we’re open to it: the Holidays can only be as cold as our hearts. So let us be open to new experiences, willing to learn, hopeful of our future and the coming year and through everything… share the open-hearted experience of dancing with every one of our partners.

    Because it helps us be who we most want to be.

    It spreads only joy, peace and the very best of what we are, together… as friends.

    Happy Holidays, from the Arrowhead Arthur Murray family!