Change is Part of Life!

Change is good.

If you find yourself regularly enjoying the idea and pursuit of something new, you are not alone. Sometimes change comes naturally to us and we reach for it with endlessly renewed inspiration and vigor.

Or, you might be someone who struggles with it. Maybe you want to change, and try to force it onto your habits and daily routines, possibly feeling like you’re sticking a knife into a plugged it toaster (intending good things to come out of it, but knowing you’re asking for disaster).

For some, change is the last thing they would ever want. Some people say ‘hey, why mess with a good thing?’ And maybe they have a good point.

But our point is, change happens, no matter what kind of person you are. If you go out dancing, people are going to be moving all around you. Everyone is taking different steps, and changing the space that’s available for you to move in. And when that change comes, what will you do?

You can choose to be upset.

We all know someone that gets left alone at work and never asked to change their habits. Because if anyone ever did, then it’d be like ripping open a bag of chips all over the floor: you really wanted the wonderful salty flavor, but now you just regret that you ever had hopes and dreams in life. Asking that one person in the office to change has similar results, only with a lot more foot stomping, tantrum-throwing and complaining… and ultimately, no actual change.

And that kind of behavior won’t go over well if you’re out dancing. You may even get kicked out…

If change bothers you so much, don’t worry about it: just ask yourself what you are really upset about and talk to others for support. Chat with other dancers you know and get tips! Try to find the silver lining if you don’t want change in your life: even bad things can turn out to bring a lot of good to a situation if you’re open to it.

You could see it as a good thing.

If you’re fearless, you’ll look at change as a golden opportunity for new things.

You might welcome change when it comes, or create it by sheer tenacity and excitement! This is a great way to make the most out of every situation, and if you let it fuel you, that excitement can take you anywhere!

On a dance floor, this fearlessness is what makes everyone keep their eyes on you! It’s the passion that ignites the room and makes every night into one you’ll always remember.

Or you can accept Change for what it is: part of normal life.

Sure, sometimes it’s very uncomfortable to go through different stages of life, strange places, new faces and fresh challenges. But in reality, we are only served by these experiences: learning more, realizing new things about ourselves, growing as individuals and as part of a collective whole.

Change is to be expected in our fast-paced culture and instead of fighting with it, we can turn it to our advantage by being open and ready. Just like we have to make space for the other dancers as we all share the floor, we should be flexible when things have to be shifted, accommodated or modified.

Preparing ourselves for change is a lot like trying something new for the first time. Like dancing: we want to do it but we get nervous, delay and sometimes make excuses for why today isn’t the day to pull the trigger. Even advanced dancers get a little shy of pushing the boundaries sometimes.

But today is the day.

Trying something new is scary.

And change is good.