Giving to the ALS Association with Dance

Dancing for Charity Events is not a new thing, but it most certainly can be forgotten in the rush of enjoyment we find while moving to the music.

We get carried away with our footwork, our lead and follow skills and the extension of our frame and head position… but all the while, others are enjoying their dancing as well, sometimes by the grace of others…

There is a Charity is Glasboro NJ, that brings their dancing joy to Assisted Living centers and Special Needs communities that otherwise would not have access to it. With their passion for how dancing can positively effect a person’s life, they spearhead the hashtag: #BringTheBallroom and believe that with the amazing power that dance holds, everyone should have the chance to experience it! Learn more about their donation-based organization here .

Even sometimes whole competitions are set up (like the one in San Clemente: Dancing for a Cause ), where Pro/Am couples work to win the audience and take home a cash prize for their selected charity! Silent and Live auctions go on throughout the night as well.

There are annual Dance charity events here in Phoenix, even, always opening up the opportunity to dance or just watch, share meals and raise funds for everything from youth programs to LGBT awareness, veterans services and more!

Giving is at the heart of dance, let’s be real. A dancer gives to the audience. They give to their partner. They give to the room, the music, the beat… Everything about Ballroom dancing is about giving, and it’s no secret! So much so that people everywhere can feel it so strongly as to create so many opportunities for others to benefit from it, not just themselves.

Ballroom is a generous sport from float to heel-protector, and if we feel that, then it’s no wonder why we find ways to give back. So thank you, to everyone who attends our upcoming Kpa Competition. Thank you for supporting our studio in the effort of using dance to give to those struggling with ALS. Thank you for understanding that dance is a strength that we can all share and stand together with.

Something that makes us family when it is so easy to become distant individuals. We are so thankful for each and every one of you, and hope to see you all brightly smiling as the music plays on September 30 th , as we dance in honor of these wonderful people who need our help.

If you would like to learn more about the wonderful work that the ALS Association is doing and how they improve the lives of patients and families struggling with this terrible disease every day, you can find more information on their website here , and remember to sign up for a few more entry’s to increase our Ballroom family’s donation to their efforts!

And again, we thank you.

-Arrowhead Arthur Murray Staff