• We Are All New Again!

    Talking to the students before their performance began was like a tornado: “Should I change my hair?” “Do I wear these stockings?” “I haven’t precticed enough!” “We didn’t have enough time!” “I can’t wait, this is so exciting…” “I’ve been stressing this moment for weeks!!!” “This isn’t the sort of thing I usually do…” And […]

  • Our Best Showcase Ever!

    Can you think of a time when you did better at something than you ever had before? A moment when you rose above every challenge, defeated every obstacle and saw the toughest times through to the other side! Think of how it felt to finally break the surface of the water and get past the […]

  • Change is Part of Life!

    Change is good. If you find yourself regularly enjoying the idea and pursuit of something new, you are not alone. Sometimes change comes naturally to us and we reach for it with endlessly renewed inspiration and vigor. Or, you might be someone who struggles with it. Maybe you want to change, and try to force […]

  • Giving to the ALS Association with Dance

    Dancing for Charity Events is not a new thing, but it most certainly can be forgotten in the rush of enjoyment we find while moving to the music. We get carried away with our footwork, our lead and follow skills and the extension of our frame and head position… but all the while, others are […]

  • The Moment You Compete

    There couldn’t be a more exhilarating experience for a dancer than to step out onto a gigantic floor, under a brilliant glow, wearing the most flowing dress… shoes feeling like a sturdy part of the feet, as though they are an extension of your body… a hush steals over the room as the MC announces […]

  • Set Your Dance Goals!

    Upon recently being asked what our personal Dance Goals are, the staff at Arrowhead Arthur Murray had many varying answers… Future Competitions were named, new practice schedules talked about, dedication to the standard of quality we teach at our school, and many other ideas came up. But this is nothing new for seasoned dancers. Each […]

  • Ballroom Dancing Kills Stiffness

    Perhaps the greatest thing I ever heard a Dance Teacher say, is that “Stiffness Kills Dancing”. Our stress builds up, we practice too much or too little and we get so rigid, so locked up that we can’t figure out how to be smooth or graceful anymore. Heck, maybe we never were, and we just […]

  • Say “see ya” to 2016…

    The end of a year isn’t always cause for celebration. Sometimes people look at their time spent and find that they worked too much, relaxed too little and spent almost no time pursuing the hobbies they love and dream about. Thankfully, here at Arrowhead studio, we won’t have much of those sentiments flying around! Here, […]

  • The Holiday Experience of Dance!

    Enough holiday seasons pass and sometimes you start to forget what makes them special. You see the messages everywhere, from the retailers, to the car commercials, the food indulgences, the big sales and the blow-out savings. Stuff. Stuff to fill our houses, closets, storage units and vacuum-seal bags. Stuff to collect. Stuff to use. Stuff […]

  • See where you’ve come, or risk wasting your efforts.

    When we start the year, many of us attempt these things called “New Year’s Resolutions”, and desperately try to make the coming year somehow different that the last. Question: Who thinks about those resolutions as the year comes to a close? Do you pull out that paper they were written down on and see if […]