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Arrowhead Ballroom Dance Videos

Click Here to View PAR June 2017 Videos!

Newsome Twosome 2017: This is an in-studio event where couples perform, dancing with someone ... Play Video
Little Shop of Horrors 2017: Our Theater Show following this unique and well loved story! Everyone ... Play Video
Medal Ball 2016: Our Graduation Ceremony commemorating students reaching the next level ... Play Video
Newsome Gruesome 2016: Our Halloween seasonal show! See our students perform scary routines ... Play Video
Winter Showcase 2017 Friday Night: Our twice-annual multi-studio Showcase! Play Video
Team Match 2017: Our second annual match-up against another AZ studio! This is our way ... Play Video
TOC Results!: Our Staff received so many awards, it was shocking! All thanks to our ... Play Video
Sponsor's Outing June 2017: Staff and student out on the town together, dancing in the real world ... Play Video
Arthur Awards June 2017: Our in-studio mini-showcase of performances! See moments of the ... Play Video

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